Our Vision

Harchar International Labopur Agnecy is registered company in the Republic of Uganda, certtified to do labopur exports and provide workers locally by Ministry of Labor, Uganda. We’re fully engaged in the business of labor export as well as consultancy and our team have enormous experience in this field

Our labour preserves us from three great evils – weariness, vice, and want.

― Voltaire, Candide


To provide safe jobs that protect the rights of Ugandan migrant workers abroad and make sure their welfare is well maintained.


Our Values

  • Integrity in what we do
  • Professionbalism
  • Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Supporting our workers rights abroad
  • Abiding with the rules and regulations

Work in these Countries

Harchar maintains contracts with employers with good record in over 18 countries, such Canada, USA, United Kingdom (UK), U.A.E (Dubai), Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman